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The United Kingdom is a great country that has contributed more to global development than any other in the world. While criticism remains on the perceived imperialistic past of the UK in global affairs, the impact of Britain in global upward mobility cannot be over emphasized or disregarded. In the past few decades however, the UK has been laden by the greatest ideological struggle in over hundred years with many competing opinions holding dogmatic positions hence hindering any real actions in the country’s normal position as the moral and compassionate leader of our world.
We have hence decided as British citizens comprising of empathy driven native Britons and those with roots in most under developed parts of the world to forge a parallel platform to continue the compassionate ideology of the UK towards global development but without the politics, bureaucracy, ideological and dogmatic viewpoints that have hindered UKs contribution to world economic harmony.

We have decided to pilot our initiative in Africa covering 50 countries and pragmatically bridge the development divide between Africa and the UK through our 10 amazing solutions and further through investments in 21 basic areas of infrastructure such as roads, water, housing, transportation, health, food, emergency relief, security, environment, justice, credit, job creation and more.

From the projected success of our African pilot scheme, we will replicate our module in other regions with gross disparity such as Asia, South America, Middle East and any other region of the world with clear community marginalization such as the United States of America.

Our mission is hence condensed in the simple statement “Achieve global development equity through the utilization of the power of the private sector in innovation, capital generation, fiscal conservatism and profit focus”.


Core Values:
Our core values are Integrity, Diligence, Compassion and fear of God.

Development Strategy:
Our development strategy can be summarized as follows:
Use the rankings to identify need and areas of development inequalities for various communities all over the world.
Use our empowerment programs, online merchandise sales and compassionate investments to raise capital for the purpose of spurring up investments as dictated by the rankings in infrastructure and credit for disadvantaged communities.

Reinvest our profit to more communities and more communities until the world has equity in development and access in 21 most basic areas for ALL of the citizens of the earth.

Projected Outcome of our development Strategy:
Liberation of the oppressed
Empowerment of the poor
Enablement of the disabled
Enhanced living conditions
Increased Peace
Reduction in discrimination
Government and Corporate Accountability
Higher Global GDP

We love our employees because they are the reason why we are where we are today. Working for us is working for humanity and the higher power. Let passion transcend over money as you find a place in our BIG VISION.




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